Catalina Maria Johnson

International radio broadcaster, bilingual cultural journalist, music curator

Mr. Pauer (Toto González) has been nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best Alternative  Album! I chatted with him for Gozamos at the LAMC this year. Mr. Pauer (from the Spanglish version of “power”), a Miami-based producer and re-mixer from Venezuela, is considered one of the pioneers in Latin electronica for what he calls “Electrotropical” mixes, irresistible musical concoctions. In May of 2011,  the tune “Cumbion del Sur” was downloaded over 50,000 times as Apple iTunes “Song of the Week”! Do check out the interview and his wonderful sound!

Nominado al Grammy Latino por Mejor Album Alternativo, el DJ/Productor Mr. Pauer! Tuve el gusto de entrevistarlo en el LAMC este año en la ciudad de Nueva York.

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