Catalina Maria Johnson

International radio broadcaster, bilingual cultural journalist, music curator

TOMORROW night!! Our very own SONES DE MÉXICO at the renowned monthly Colibrí Fandango. The gallery is located, of course! on 18th Street in the heart of Pilsen. No se pierdan el grupo Chicaguense SONES DE MÉXICO en el reconocido Fandango mensual de la Galería Colibrí ubicada en… por supuesto, la Calle 18. A little something to put us in Fandango mood…. y para animarnos uno de los sones jarochos más famosos: El Cascabel, en versión de Mono Blanco. Ya les platicaré porqué en otro mensaje….the fandango was born in Veracruz, a celebration that all participate in, whether it´s dancing or playing an instrument or singing along usually to a son jarocho. Here´s one of the most famous sones jarochos ever….El Cascabel. I´ll tell you why it´s so famous in another post…


  1. Cassy wrote:

    LOVED “El Cascabel! Cool site – great place to discover more of our music…

  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Thank you for the post. It was good to see you there with your aunt from San Luis Potosi. I hope they enjoyed the show.

    Juan Dies
    Sones de Mexico

  3. Tarima Son wrote:

    Hola Catalina, thanks for help to build a great musical community,
    and for publish the info about our “fandango” every las Saturday of the month, yesterday Sones de Mexico were
    great and everybody was happy and exited when all the fandangueros play together.
    good to see you with your tia.
    Roberto Ferreyra
    Tarima Son

  4. Catalina Maria Johnson wrote:

    thanks so much to all for the comments and encouragement! viva nuestra música, que es tan especial. it is always a pleasure to share the music. and the fandango was AWESOME! after a wonderful performance by Sones de México, to see nearly twenty musicians with their instruments draw near in a circle and couples doing the zapateado, all sharing their talents, and the magical community of music… and the tía loved it too!

  5. Anonymous wrote:

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