Catalina Maria Johnson

International radio broadcaster, bilingual cultural journalist, music curator

While researching and doing interviews for an 848 piece for Chicago Public Radio on NUESTRA MÚSICA – by the way, don´t miss the concerts and presentations at the NUESTRA MÚSICA TENT this year at Old Town´s Folk and Roots Festival, I listened to a lot of Jíbaro music from Puerto Rico, as one of the interviews for the segment was with laudier and musician artisan William Cumpiano. Jíbaro music is amazingly textured, beautiful music. Here´s three examples of a genre called the “seis”: Seis Andino, Seis Mapeyé and Seis Salines. Enjoy! Escuché mucha música jíbara en el transcurso de investigar y hacer las entrevistas para un segmento para el noticiero 848 de la estación de radio pública de Chicago sobre NUESTRA MÚSICA, la carpa y serie de presentaciones musicales que por primera vez formarán parte del Festival de Folk y Roots de Old Town – ya que una de las entrevistas fue con el gran laudero músico artesano William Cumpiano. Me encanta la música jíbara, tiene una textura y belleza increible. Les comparto algunos ejemplos del seis: Seis Andino, Seis Mapeyé y Seis Salines. ¡y a bailar!


  1. cumpiano wrote:

    I’m delighted that you referenced my name and interview at Old Town’s Folk and Roots festival–they’ve invited me up from my studio in Northampton, Mass. to talk about the tiple tomorrow. For people who want to learn more about Jibaro music and jibaro stringed instruments, I invite you to visit my Puerto Rican Cuatro Project’s website at

    Best wishes,

    William Cumpiano

  2. Wm. R. Cumpiano wrote:

    Cumpiano here again: you can find some summary information on the Puerto Rican tiple, and two mp3 sound clips, on my site at:(en español)—

    and in English, at:

    Be well,

  3. Catalina Maria Johnson wrote:

    Thank you so much, William. And for those of us in the Chicago area…I´ll keep you posted on William´s return to the area, you may be very interested in signing on for his tiple-building workshops. Chicagoans will be, I hope, at the forefront of the tiple revival!