Catalina Maria Johnson

International radio broadcaster, bilingual cultural journalist, music curator

Arrived in Austin, ready to do my part to keep the town weird. It’s an amazing feeling – even the plane from Chicago Midway already departed full of folk that looked much wilder and woollier than the usual – signaling a flight full of music folk. From the minute you step off into the airport, signs and sounds of music are unmistakeable! Even the band at the airport bar sounds great! I’m excited to be checking out all sorts of new world and Latino sounds, and hope to to share it all!

Desde el momento que uno llega a Austin, se da uno cuenta que se ha llegado a la sede de las sedes musicales: SXSW. Me encuentro encantada de estar aquí y sentirme rodeada de la música y de personas a las que les apasiona el tema desde todos los puntos de vista. Y me emociona la idea de descubrir todo tipo de música del mundo y especialmente, música latino. ¡Ya les mantendré informados!

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