Catalina Maria Johnson

International radio broadcaster, bilingual cultural journalist, music curator

It was so much fun to chat with Jerome McDonnell on Global Notes today, which is going to be a regular every-other-week visit sharing great music. Tune in Wednesdays at noon! 91.5 FM or

Today we focused on recently-released music for turbulent times, as musicians respond to the world around them and create tunes to denounce the state of affairs, as well as support projects that seek to create change.

Here’s today’s playlist:


1.  SMOD- Les Dirigaints Africains– SMOD- Nacional Records

2.  La Excelencia- La Economia – single – Handle with Care Productions

3.  Bhi Bhiman- Guttersnipe – Wen Fambul -Catalyist for Peace (also in support of reconciliation efforst in Sierra Leone, Fambul Tok)

4.  Outernational- Deportees – Todos Somos Ilegales -Outernational (also in support of Soundstrike)

And a song we didn’t get to, but I originally planned to include is from the excellent “Chimes of Freedom” 4-CD tribute to Bob Dylan, which supports Amnesty International.

5. Ziggy Marley – Blowing in the Wind – Chimes of Freedom – Amnesty International

Also, Chicagoans, heads up! Bhi Bhiman will be here March 25, and Outernational on March 3.

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