Catalina Maria Johnson

International radio broadcaster, bilingual cultural journalist, music curator

This Fall, Buenos Aires-based trio Tremor released Proa on Nickodemus’ Brooklyn based Wonderwheel Recordings, a marvelous exploration of the soundscapes at the intersection of the digital and the Andean-Amazonian folkloric.

We had a chance to gain insights into the roots of their marvelous digital-folkloric mashups by chatting with Leonardo Martinelli, the lead composer and producer of the band, all the way from South America, and along the way, we found out about the instruments used by Leonardo, Camilo Carabajal (bombo legüero) and Gerardo Farez (synthesizers, melodica and bombo legüero).

Wondering what a “bombo legüero” might be? No worries, we get to see and hear one during the interview. We also had a chance to experience the Sachaguitarra, a unique and exotic stringed instrument created by Argentinean musician Elipidio Herrera in 1971 – Tremor, the President of Argentina and just a few special others have such an instrument in their possession.

Step up to a magical mystery tour of the sources of Tremor’s music!

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