Catalina Maria Johnson

International radio broadcaster, bilingual cultural journalist, music curator

​This week’s Beat Latino is an exploration of Andean-rooted tunes that take the groove from the ancestral​ to the dance club! Check where the charanga and the pan pipe have gone in a thousand years or two – from Andean folk to Andean dub to Electrova to Andean bass and from Colombia to Chile to Argentina and beyond, it’s an all things Andino Beat Latino!
Feature photo: Masilva. Courtesy of the artist.
Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Pajaro Campana Corazón Andino Corazón Andino. Blanco y Negro Music 2010 02:35:00
Andean Blues Ciro Hurtado Ayahuasca Dreams. Inti Productions Recordings 2014 04:46:00
Condor Masilva Condor. Gotok Music 2015 04:07:00
El Gran Pájaro de los Andes - Instrumental Meridian Brothers Salvadora Robot. Soundway Records 2014 04:35:00
Trabajador El Grupo Raices Andinas Lo Mejor De La Cancion Social. Yoyo USA 2006 02:55:00
El Karnaval (Original Mix) Bacondo ft DJ JB Bacondo EP. DF Records / Latino Resiste 2014 02:25:00
Carnaval Andino Grupo Ayllantu El Carnaval de los Andes. Celestial Melodies Records 2015 05:25:00
Zambacueca Rafi El Ay De Mi. Dutty Artz 2014 03:47:00
Hoja de otoño Jach'a Mallku Gran Condor: The Music of the Andes. Tumi Music Ltd. 2006 03:28:00
Mapuche Florindo Alvis, Pancho Valdivia Taucán Cordillère des Andes: Quena (Andes Cordillera: Quena). VDE-GALLO 2012 02:45:00
Popcorn Andino Chicha Libre Sonido Amazonico. Barbès Records 2008 05:20:00
Cuento Andino Puerto Candelaria Kolombian Jazz. Merlin Studios Producciones S.A.S 2015 04:21:00
Triste Domingo Bambarabanda Hungarian Noir - A Tribute To The Gloomy Sunday. xx 0 03:53:00
Yambu Andino Simon Bolzinger, Tambor y Canto Tambor y Canto. Picante 2015 03:37:00
El Condor Pasa Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water. Columbia/Legacy 1988 04:17:00

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