Catalina Maria Johnson

International radio broadcaster, bilingual cultural journalist, music curator Download this Episode of Beat Latino (MP3) This week’s Beat Latino shares songs about Mamá Africa, celebrating Black History Month and the gifts from African music to the Americas. From Perú to Costa Rica to Cuba to Colombia, and back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean, melodies and rhythms were born that are a testament to the living, vibrant presence of Africa in the Americas. Enjoy!
Feature photo: Milagros Guerrero from Novalima. Photo: Catalina Maria Johnson

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Mama Africa Chico Cesar Top Hits. MZA Music 2014 03:49
Herencia Africana Branko Remix Celia Cruz Calentura: Global Bassment. Fania 2016 04:04
Africa Lando Novalima Coba Coba. Cumbancha 2009 04:19
Africa Viva Saranzino feat. Andrea Ruilova Everyday Salama. Cumbancha 2017 04:50
Mama Africa Colombiafrica – The Mystic Orchestra Afritanga – The Sound of Afrocolombia. Trikont 2011 06:10
Belizean Medley-Calling you sweet Africa (Tradicional Belize, Pen Cayetano) Manuel Obregón featuring Orquesta de la Papaya Manuel Obregón featuring Orquesta de la Papaya. la Papaya 2015 04:02
Yoruba Soy Pedro Martinez Slave to Africa. Intoxicate Records 2006 05:00
Reina de Africa Susana Baca Afrodiaspora. Luaka Bop 2011 04:21
Mama Africa Dany Silva Caminho Longi. Wicked Good Music 2008 04:49
Africa Bamba Santana Supernatural. Columbia/Legacy 1999 04:43
Lambada de Oceania, Africa y America Los Pirañas Toma tu jabon kapax. Biche musical 2012 04:00
Paquita African Fiesta Nico Rochereau African Fiesta. TCK Records 2012 04:30
Betece Africa Africando feat. Amadou Balake Live. Syllart Productions1 1996 05:04

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