Catalina Maria Johnson

International radio broadcaster, bilingual cultural journalist, music curator Download this Episode of Beat Latino (MP3) Springtime has sprung and we have the music to show! This week’s Beat Latino share a musical cup that truly runneth over, a wonderful and wide selection of new music for this primavera, is making us truly truly happy! From Gabriel Garzón-Montano’s neo soul to Barrio Lindo’s futurist folk to Dat Garcia’s electro-folk ballads to Spam All Stars AfroCuban funk and SO much more. Enjoy! Featured photo: Dat Garcia, ZZK’s First Female Producer. Courtesy of the artist.

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Cosquilla Spam allstars Trans-Oceanic. Spamusica Records 2017 06:23
Tu Luz Thornato feat. Lido Pimienta Bennu. Wonderwheel Recordings 2017 03:39
Camino sobre piedras Dat Garcia Maleducada. ZZK Records 2017 03:56
Tuneles (feat. Ela Minus) Barrio Lindo Albura. Shika Shika 2017 03:22
Bangah IFE Bangah (Pico Y Palo). Discos Ifá 2017 04:20
Piel Arca Arca. XL Recordings 2017 04:08
La semilla Lara Bello Sikame. Biophilia Records 2017 04:49
Soldado sin cara Los Macuanos Epilogo. Nacional Records 2017 04:20
The game Gabriel Garzón Montano Jardín. STONES THROW (STH) 2017 04:11
Aguanileo Battle of Santiago La Migra. Fat Beats Records 172 07:05
Lecture me Mexican Dubwiser Border frequency. Kin Kon records / The Music Joint 2017 03:45
This Land is your land Las Cafeteras Tastes like L.A.. Las Cafeteras Music 2017 03:39
Pedacito de esperanza Cerrero 6:05. Llorona Records 2017 08:05

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