Catalina Maria Johnson

International radio broadcaster, bilingual cultural journalist, music curator Download this Episode of Beat Latino (MP3) This week’s Beat Latino spends time with a special kind of Cuban music, both within and outside of the island — songs inspired by the Yoruban Orishas – saints-spirits-deities that intercede between humans and the divine and who are invoked and honored by song, dance and drumming. Beat Latino shares a selection of songs that reference this beautiful and musical spirituality transplanted from Africa to the Americas, created by musicians from Miami to Havana and beyond in the Caribbean. Enjoy!   Feature photo: Daymé Arocena, courtesy of the artist, by Casey Moore

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Yoruba soy Pedro Martinez Slave to Africa. Intoxicate Records 2006 05:00
Bangah Ifé Pico y palo. Discos Ifá 2017 04:20
Eleggua Daymé Arocena Cubafonía. Brownswood Recordings 2017 03:00
Prayer a Yemaya Las guitarras de España Ida y vuelta. Novo Records 2011 04:09
Yemaya Telmary Libre. L’Essentiel De Cuba 16 :37
Olokun y Yemaya.  Quetzal The eternal Getdown 2017 06:16
Yemaya Alfredo Rodriguez / Ibeyi Tocororo. Mack Avenue 2016 03:42
Yemaya Todo Mundo Conexión. Todo Mundo 2013 03:39
Invocando a Chango Lecuona cuban boys Rumbas Cubanas (1935-1939). Cosmo Distribution 2016 02:27
Obatalá y Chango Raúl Lara y sus soneros Cubano soy. Raúl Lara Y Sus Soneros 2014 04:23
Chango Celia Cruz & Tito Puente Alma con alma. Fania 2015 02:54
Elube Changó La Lupe Puro Teatro. Fania 2010 03:52
Yoruba Babalu Aye Yoruba Andabo Yoruba Andabo Rumba en la Habana con. AYVA Musica Producciones S.L. 2006 04:48
Encantamiento yoruba The Pedrito Martinez group Habana Dreams. Motema Music, LLC 2016 02:59
Agua pa’ los santos PALO! Yo quiero guarachar. Rolling Pin Music 2016 08:40

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