Catalina Maria Johnson

International radio broadcaster, bilingual cultural journalist, music curator Download this Episode of Beat Latino (MP3) This week’s Beat Latino takes a journey to the European side of the Latinx diaspora, with beats and grooves from Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and more via London, Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, Madrid…A fascinating set of sounds from our paisanos who have crossed the pond and are mixing roots and legacies with the urban grooves of Europa, plus some very cool new sounds from Spain. Enjoy!

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Patrona Lao Ra Patrona. Black Butter 2018 02:56
Cumbacutiri Family atlántica Family atlántica. Soundway Records 2013 05:35
Pienso en tu mirá Rosalía Pienso en tu mirá. Rosalía / Sony Music Entertainment España, S.L. 2018 03:13
Yanira Ibeyi Ibeyi. XL Recordings 2015 03:37
Miedo a volar Mala Rodíguez Bruja. Machete Music 2013 03:31
Ma Time Nathy Peluso La Sandunguera. Everlasting Records 2018 01:20
Heartbeats José González Veneer. MUTE 2003 02:42
Me voy pa’ la tusa Twanguero Twanguero. Cosmica 2018 03:54
La ley del miedo Che Sudaka  La ley del miedo. CAVERNICOLA RECORDS 2014 03:27
Should I try Malena Zavala Aliso. Yucatan Records 2018 03:36
La Passione Nathy Peluso feat. Big Menu La Sandunguera. Everlasting Records 2018 04:34
Un trago de tu vida Tonina Black Angel. Casa Limon America, LLC 2018 02:54
El ritmo lo llevo yo La chiva Gantiva El ritmo lo llevo yo. Independiente 2017 03:34
History of colour El buho  & barrio lindo History of colour. ZZK Records 2014 03:35
Cuba La Dame Blanche La Dame Blanche. Wakantanka records 2016 03:58
Songotre Ariwo Live at Manana. 2016 08:08

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