Catalina Maria Johnson

International radio broadcaster, bilingual cultural journalist, music curator Download this Episode of Beat Latino (MP3) There’s some new, super-smooth sounds swirling around the Latinx musical universe! From Los Angeles to Dallas to Phoenix and New York, Latinx artists are bringing to the foreground a whole new wave of bedroom soul/pop tunes, slightly retro, sexy and romantic ballads that hearken back to the 70’s and 80’s Feature photo: Kali Uchis, by Monophonic Girl.

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Stoned soul picninc Chicano Batman Cycles of existential rhyme. El Relleno Records 2014 04:28
After the storm Kali Uchis After the storm. Virgin EMI 2018 03:27
City of Angels Miguel War & Leisure. ByStorm Entertainment/RCA Records 2017 04:18
How far Tei Shi Crawl space. Downtown/Interscope Records 2017 03:55
80´s tune Luna Luna 80´s tune. Luna Luna 2018 03:58
Done giving out my heart Holladay Done giving out my heart. Holladay 2017 03:24
Figures Jessie Reyez Kiddo. Jessie Reyez Profit Split 2017 04:01
Pastel Katzú Oso Lo que siento. Cosmica 2018 02:09
Lo que siento Cuco Lo que siento. Cuco 2017 05:12
Everytime Boy Pablo Boy Pablo. 777 Records 2017 02:53
Unbothered Omar Apollo Unbothered. Omar Apollo 2018 02:05
Even if Trinidad Cardona Even if. Run It Up Records/Island 2018 03:07
Naeja Gabriel Garzón Montano Bishouné. Jaws and Paws Music 2014 04:25
2018 08 24. 2018 04:12

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