Catalina Maria Johnson

International radio broadcaster, bilingual cultural journalist, music curator

It’s time for Beat Latino’s roundup of the latest and greatest! From simmering flamenco-pop-trap star Rosalía to French prog rock infused Pacifico Colombiano Pixvae to a delightful collaboration between musicians from Cabo Verde, Portugal and Brazil, there’s something for everyone to love and discover in the wildly ecletic world of our Beats, all Latino! featured photo: Taina Asili courtesy of the artist. By Mike Morgan Photography
Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Glow Labaq Lux. Labaq 2019 03:35
Barefoot in the park James Blake & Rosalía Assume Form. Polydor Records 2019 03:31
Oleaje de ligera intensidad Theremyn_4 Lost Moments. Hypersfera 2018 05:12
D’Orixá Coladera La Do?tu Lado. Agogo Records 2019 03:31
Mi Sombrerito Pixvae Cali. Buda musique 2019 03:50
Resist Fémina Perlas y Conchas. Fémina 2019 04:27
La Pastora Jhon Montoya Otun. ZZK Records 2019 04:30
Friends Omar Apollo Friends. Omar Apollo2 19 03:07
Afrotip Frikstailers Extrasolar. Nacional Records 2019 04:35
Miedo Natalia Clavier SidRum Remix EP. Nacional Records 2019 06:01
La Alegría Taina Asili Resiliencia. Taina Asili 2019 03:15
La eternidad que se perdió Idan Raichet & Danay Suarez And If You Will Come To Me. Cumbancha 2019 04:31
Empuja Eljuri Resiste. Manovill Records 2019 03:12

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