Catalina Maria Johnson

International radio broadcaster, bilingual cultural journalist, music curator

What a month of May for new music! There’s a Lou Reed-Ruben Blades-Making Movies tune (yes, really! Panamá, presente!) immigration allegory, edgy nuevo bolero-ballads from Puerto Rico’s Ile, smooth, smart bachata from Dominican Republic’s Vicente Garcia, Andean folk-electronica from Barda and Celeste Gomez Machado—something for everyone! Because nuestra música is as magical, varied wondrous as the multiple legacies, movements, roots and histories that have nurtured it through the centuries, exploding onto the 21st Century. Enjoy!
Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Clandestino Lila Downs Al Chile. Columbia 2019 03:43
The Wall Che Apalache Rearrange my heart. Joe Troop Music 2019 01:58
Rosa Morena Beats y Batería Beats y Batería. Beats y Batería 2019 06:13
Ahomale Combo Chimbita Ahomale. Anti/Epitaph 2019 03:41
Mitote Cochemea All my relations. Daptone Records 2019 03:33
Delilah Making Movies & Rubén Baldes Delilah. Making Movies 2019 04:10
Me quedo o me voy Xenia Rubinos Should I stau or should I go. Anti/Epitaph 2019 03:19
De Luna iLe Almadura. Sony Music Latin 2019 04:22
Las hojas tienen mudanza Barda feat. Celeste Gomez Machado El Camino de Leda. Fértil Discos 2019 04:40
El Mito Frikstailers feat. Aterciopelados Extrasolar. Nacional Records 2019 03:33
Ahí ahí Vicente García Candela. Sony Music Entertainment 2019 03:31
Path of Totality Tijuana Panthers Carpet Denim. Innovative Leisure 2019 03:04
Suavecito Radio free Honduras Suavecito . Abu Banana Records2019 2019 05:00
I’ll be around The Altons The Altons. Counter Culture Records/Cosmica Records 2019 04:40
Featured photo: IlE

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